Canine Specialty Products

Authentically created for you in Western Canada by dog lovers.

Non-Toxic and Dog Safe, made with locally sourced limited ingredients. 

Use a Shampoo Bar to keep two hands on your dog during bath time. No more escaping when you reach for the shampoo bottle! These bars work into a gentle lather, removing grime without stripping natural elements of the skin and coat. It results in a lightly scented, shining and soft coat, while saving time, stress and mess. Environmentally friendly, the packaging is recyclable and there's no bottle to toss.

Available in Rosemary Lavender or Mint scents. 

"I really love the shampoo bars; the scents are light, crisp, refreshing and not too overpowering. I used the Rosemary Lavender Bar with a few timid dogs and it seemed to help calm them. The texture is nice and they last a long time." Sheena's Pet Services 

Dry Shampoo for dogs? Yup. Just like products for humans, it's great for removing excess oil and neutralizing odor-causing bacteria in between baths. Unlike products for humans, it's made with all natural ingredients that are non-toxic to dogs. Simply shake on the coat and work through with your hands or a brush. It's quick, easy and fabulous after a trip to the dog park, the middle of a Canadian winter, or when baths just don't fit into your schedule. 

Available in Rosemary Lavender or Mint scents. 

"The Dry Shampoo is one of my favorites to use on ears that won’t come clean after ear infections. Those vet drops are so greasy and the Dry Shampoo works wonders; I just use the dryer to get the white out of the coat afterwards. Works like a charm!" Sheena's Pet Services

 Refresh Sprays  introduce the benefit of essential oils on the go while neutralizing odors. The sprays can be applied directly to the dog or used on people, fabrics and rooms to maximize therapeutic benefits. Lavender is calming, antimicrobial, anticonvulsive and an antidepressant. Using this product may reduce anxiety in stressful situations, such as car rides, fireworks shows or  thunderstorms. Mint is an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, decongestant and antidepressant. Whether being used for the therapeutic benefits, or straight up odor-masking these sprays provide a quick, easy and accessible solution. Shh...don't tell the dog, but we use these on our yoga mats and in the car too...

For more information on aromatherapy for dogs, check out our Aropawtherapy page. 

Sometimes the Canadian climes make it impossible to go for walks during -40 winters. Snuffle Mats became our savior! A great enrichment tool, boredom buster or quick solution to slow down fast eaters. Simply drop kibble or treats into the mat, set on the floor and watch your dog go to work! Snuffle Mats are suitable for dogs of all ages, activity levels and behaviors. Ours are made of dog-safe fleece fabric that won’t tear, snag or thread and come in an assortment of colors, from loud and bright to modern or neutral. We love custom orders and hand crafting uniquely perfect gifts for your dog. 


Did you know?

Dogs have 220 million cells devoted to smelling compared to 5 million for humans, and 4 times the brain power devoted to processing scent! Using a snuffle mat engages this awesome part of their brains.

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