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When I was little, I pretended to be a dog.


Still with us? Good. My family called me "Hubert" and my commitment to being a dog was fierce. I drank out of a bowl, walked on all fours, barked, played and panted. I did what every good dog does!

Sometimes it was hard for my family to tell if I was "Hubert" or Janna. My big brother Marc developed a solution. He made me a wooden sign that said Hubert on one side and Janna on the other and a pair of ears made out of a black elastic band, two gold safety pins and green felt. Problem solved.

Hubert’s Canine Specialty Products allows me to re-engage with the passion and imagination we all feel as kids. The green color mimics the green felt ears and a few hand selected products come with a mini set of Hubert ears. It’s a tribute to a time when life was simple, imagination ran wild and happiness was being a dog….

In addition to having a history as a dog, I am a Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CMT) and member of the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork (IAAMB). I have a  certificate in Canine First Aid from Dog Safe and have completed additional coursework in Aromatherapy for dogs. Despite my insurance broker thinking I'm crazy, I am licensed and fully insured. 

My home (and bed) are shared by Bella, a seven year old Border Collie rescue and Iris, a five year old Mexican street dog rescue. Ash, a ten year old domestic long hair cat oversees the entire family. My husband Chris, the only man in the house, patiently tolerates us all.


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